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Whisky Writes

i think i ve rather disgraced myselfWhisky Portrait
a few mornings ago
i was patrolling the garden
looking for frogs
when i saw a strange man
walking past the house
he was bald and wearing sandals
and an orange wrap around dress
well that wasn t usual
so i barked at him to scare him away

how was i supposed to know
that s what a monk looks like


as you all know
i m a bit of a gay icon
thanks to my incredibly good looks
i even have my own gay stalker
he still comes around
from time to time
to gaze longingly
at my fine masculine physique

i appreciate the loyalty of my fans
i was therefore disturbed
to learn recently that
a dog is going to be executed
for being gay

the newspaper didn t use the word

it said put down

put down
put to death
bumped off

they all have the same end result

it seemed particularly unfair
because they don t put down humans
for loving somebody with
the same shaped naughty bits


master tells me that
in countries such as sudan
mauritania nigeria somaliland
saudi arabia united arab emirates
yemen and iran
they do kill you for that

and in lots of other countries
they send you to a crate for
a very very long time

that s not so good


when you spend as many
hours a day asleep as i do
you can become bored
with your sleeping positions
so it s important to try new ones
here s one that i ve been
working on lately

Whisky sleeping

however i rather think
i could take lessons from this chap

I think my dog is broken

he s a real expert



Sleeping Doberman photo shamelessly stolen from from Reddit which has a lot of very funny comments (and a few rather rude ones).



Whisky Writes

well a few days ago Whisky Portraitafter dinner i decided
to pop out and patrol
the garden
just to make sure no frogs
had sneaked in

much to my surprise
there was something interesting
under the shoe cabinet
master had a quick look
but didn t notice anything unusual
and went back inside
should have worn his glasses
there was a snake
all twisted up under there

it wasn t like the
long green water snake
that helps master wash the car
this one was much shorter
a little less than half a metre
and very thin
and it wasn t green but dark coloured

i thought it might be fun
to play with the snake
but it wasn t very interested
in fact it quickly slithered
under the car
i kept trying to encourage it
to come and have some fun
by poking my nose under the car
no dice

then master came out
he was very upset
i think he really wanted
to play with the snake himself
he shouted at me to go in
but why should I
i saw the snake first

then he got the broom
and pushed me away
that was so unfair
and then after that
he didn t even
play with the snake

selfish master


master says i m very willful
and why shouldn t i be

when he tells me to sit
does he think i like
to put my bottom
on the cold floor

and anyway its fun
winding him up
by pretending not to
understand what he says

yesterday he wanted
to tie me up whilst
he took the car out
but i was chewing
a dried up old stem of strelitzia

oh that sweet sweet strelitzia

anyway every time he got close
i ran away

it was quite funny
to see master lumbering around
trying to catch me
his face getting redder
and redder

in the end i compromised
before master had a heart attack
i trotted to the front door
carrying my prized strelitzia stem
sat down and let him tie me up

unfortunately there s almost
no strelitzia left now
i don t know what i ll do
when its all gone



Whisky Writes

earlier master was playingWhisky Portrait
with the long green water snake
i call it that because
it s long
it s green
and when master squeezes its head
water comes out

and it looks like a snake

first master squeezed the snake
so that the water fell into a bucket
and became all frothy and delicious
i love licking up
the white foamy stuff
both from the bucket
and from the floor
when it spills over

even better is the sponge
which master puts in the bucket

when his back is turned
i snatch it from the bucket
and run away with it
but every time he chases after me
not fair
why should master have the sponge
and not me

master also makes the
long green water snake
squirt water all over his car
i don t know why he does this
i love sniffing the wheel arches
for the delicious aromas
of all the dead things
he s run over

perhaps he does it
because the wheel arch is full
and he needs to make space
for more tasty smells


i love stinky things

so does master

he loves blue cheese
and anchovies
and so do i

but for some reason
master doesn t like stinky bones

perhaps that s why he gives me
all of them

he gave me an extra large
stinky bone for new year

but whilst he s allowed
to eat his stinky food inside the house
he gets most upset
when i try to bring
a stinky bone in
for him to share


dragged master past the house
with five pomeranians yesterday
only to be horrified to see
that now there are six of them

what s going on

i just hope it s
a pomeranian deportation centre
far too many of them here already


and speaking of pomeranians
there s a particularly mad
white one that lives on the corner

there s a gap in the fence
which has been covered with
a sheet of plastic to stop its fleeing

every time i go past
i heard the sound of its skull
bashing against the plastic

it s rather a hollow sound

anyway this time
the plastic had slipped
and the pomeranian escaped
albeit whilst half ripping off
its stupid looking jacket
it stood there
a few metres away from me
half clad
barking senselessly

can a pomeranian bark any other way

i wanted to go over there
and give it a little bit
of friendly advice
such as

that tartan really isn t your colour


you really should do up those buttons
might catch a cold


wouldn t you be happier
back in pomerania

but for some reason
master wouldn t let me
and thought we should go
and sniff some doggy poo
on some nearby grass

well if that s what master wants
i m game



Whisky Writes

master went to london Whisky Portrait
and all he got me
were these lousy treats

Beef and venison doggy treats

but to begin at the beginning

it all started four weeks ago
master disappeared
i was very worried
i thought the frogs might have got him
i always thought it wasn t safe
for master to go out alone
with so many dangerous frogs around

after a few days
i assumed the worst
that he was dead

imagine my surprise then
when he reappeared
earlier this week

at least
it looked like him
albeit a few pounds heavier
and smelled like him
that unmistakable mix
of sweat and desperation

of course
i couldn't be sure

perhaps the frogs had
hollowed out his body
and were using his skin
as a sort of trojan horse

i did try to act natural
and wagged my tail a bit
to fool any trojan frogs
but i was wary

i kept close watch on master
for the rest of the day

to be honest i was wary
about turning my back on him
lest the trojan frogs
burst out and attack
but when it came to bed time
i decided to give him a test

i rolled over onto my back
to let him rub my tummy
aah yes
nobody gives tummy rubs
quite like master
it had to be he

it seems that master
went on holiday to england

he d brought me
some beef and venison snacks
as a present

frankly i m a little bit disappointed
yes i ve heard of
the roast beef of old england
but i d have preferred
something more interesting
such as fish and chip snacks
or something with a royal connection

i understand that
the queen of england likes corgis
so some spit roasted corgi flavour treats
would have been far better

still i can t be too mad at master
it s nice to have him home again


sometimes things happen
that are so horrifying
that in a nicer world
they d only happen in
one s worst doggy dreams

yesterday evening i was
taking master for a drag
when i passed a house
with a couple of cars
parked in the drive
suddenly from between the cars
emerged a pomeranian
i was disturbed because
i d never seen a pomeranian
at that house before

then a second one emerged

and a third

in all there were five of them
each loudly yapping and snapping
baring its teeth

only in one s worst nightmares
should such a thing be even possible



Oh, For the Love of Dog!

Whisky doesn’t like thunderstorms. When thunder is in the air he’ll cower under my desk or the dining table, and he’ll be off his food. Unfortunately, at the moment there are thunderstorms almost every night. I’ll be woken in the small hours of the morning by the sound of his padding outside my bedroom door. I’ll let him in, and he’ll lie down on the floor close to me until the storm has passed. Then he’ll start padding around the bedroom wanting to go back downstairs. Oh, for an unbroken night’s sleep!

The heavy rain hasn’t been good for Thailand or Bangkok. Currently 11 of the country’s 76 provinces are experiencing flooding. 179,074 people in 1,763 villages are affected. At the weekend an industrial estate in Bangkok flooded when its defences broke. Sukhothai, Thailand’s historical capital before Ayutthaya and home to stunning temple ruins, has so far been flooded twice this year. 130 billion Baht notionally spent on flood defences since last years’ floods (that’s £2.4 billion or $3.9 billion) yet nothing seems to have changed (apart from the bank balances of certain influential people which have become as swollen as Thailand’s rivers and canals).


Whisky Writes

it s good newsWhisky Portrait
prisoner ben is going to be
let out of his crate
after 34 years

to be honest
i don t understand why
prisoner ben has been
in his crate for so long
he had an accident
when he was a puppy
a long time ago
but i also had accidents
when i was a puppy
i poo d on the staircase
but master didn t put me
in my crate
he just cleaned up the mess
and kept a closer eye on me
wouldn t it have been better
if that s what had happened
to prison ben



Whisky Writes

it s been agesWhisky Portrait
since master gave me
any of what used to be
my favourite snack
hose pipe connectors
now he has bought me
a whole tub of something
even more delicious
i found it by
the washing machine

Basket of clothespegs

hose pipe connectors are green
which i think means they re
frog flavoured
not that they taste like
real frog to me
probably made with
artifical frog flavouring
essence de grenouille

these new snacks come
in all sorts of flavours
here are some i chewed earlier

Whisky-chewed clothes pegs

irresistibly good


a few days ago
master had opened the door
slightly to let me go out
something distracted me
and i turned my head
and hit my head hard
on the metal shoe cabinet
by the door
master wasn t sympathetic
he said i should be more careful
to preserve
what little brains i have
it made a loud bang
at the time
one of master s friends
was peeing in the downstairs toilet
he was startled
and peed all over his leg
i thought that was very funny
because i often do that
you see
it s very difficult
to pee straight
when you re standing on three legs
with one leg cocked in the air
to be honest
i have absolutely no idea
how master manages to pee
without spraying everywhere
standing on just two legs




It appears that Whisky wasn’t paying attention during poise and deportment class.

Whisky's deportment


Whisky Writes

there was something rather strangeWhisky Portrait
when i dragged master yesterday evening
i saw there was a frog
in the middle of the road
it looked like it was dead
of course i had to check it out
master was obviously afraid
and tried to drag me away from it
but i needed to be absolutely sure
it wasn t alive
frogs can be very devious you know
playing dead and all that
the strange thing was
that it was squashed flat
another strange thing was
it was outside the house with
too many pomeranians
though to be honest
even one pomeranian is too many
i m absolutely certain
that no pomeranian
has the finely honed skills
to be a frog killer
though possibly their incessant yapping
could send one deaf
it remains a mystery to me


master thinks he s quite clever
but there are a lot of things
he doesn t understand
for example he doesn t understand
why when he comes home
i have to pick up one of his sandals
run around a bit
and then drop it

and he doesn t understand why
i like to nose my way
through his laundry basket
and pick out a sock
which i ll carry around for a bit
in my mouth

he also doesn t understand why
i like to lick the chrome legs of his desk

he s also clueless as to why
i like to pick up one of his sandals
in my jaw
shake it vigorously for a few seconds
then toss it away

then he has no idea why
i like to grab sponges
from the kitchen worktop
or from the bucket
as he washes the car
and chew them to bits

he s also in the dark about why
i like to chew the wallpaper
off the wall

and he doesn t know why
i like to lick soap bubbles

and he doesn t know why
i love to chew hosepipe connectors

silly master

totally clueless


Whisky Writes

i d like to tell you about something Whisky Portraitthat happened a few days ago
i call it

the curious incident of
the frog in the night time

it was late at night
i d already taken master for a drag
and he d fed me my whiskyfood
master had taken away my whiskybowls
and we were ready to retire
then i heard a strange noise outside
of course master didn t hear it
he s probably going deaf in his old age
i went to the door and stood there
thinking that master would notice
he did
but he pretended not to
then i started scratching at the door
master still ignored me
next i started barking
that got master s attention
master drew back the curtain
and looked out of the window
but still couldn t see
what the problem was
so he opened the door
i pushed past him
and quickly identified
that the problem was next door
pocky and the other two dogs that live with her
were clustered by their front gate
there was a strange mewing sound
that master thought was a kitten in distress
thinking that the next door dogs
had cornered a kitten
and were about to rip it to shreds
master tied me up
and went to have a closer look
what he found wasn t a kitten
but a small frog about 10 cm long
it was outside the gate
and just beyond pocky s reach
i dont think pocky knew what
terrible danger she was in
not all dogs have what it takes
to be a top frog killer like me
master then did something
either incredibly brave or incredibly foolish

he tapped the frog with his foot

it then hopped off into the bushes
he really should have come back
and got me
I m the expert in dealing with frogs
so anyway that s a new one on me
frogs pretending to be kittens in distress
to lure their prey
master had a lucky escape


while all this was happening
the new dog opposite was looking on
it s a golden retriever called het hom
het hom is thai for smelly mushroom
that s almost as ludicrous a name
for a dog as pocky
i don t like foetid fungus very much
he or she
i cant tell because of all that fur
has moved onto my patch
and sometimes is let out to poo
on my pavement

when i get a chance
i like to run across the road
and try to bite stinky shitakes muzzle
master doesn t approve of my doing this
for some reason
but then neither does putrid porcini
or his mistress
so now master ties me up
whenever he opens the front gate
that s so short sighted
what would happen if he were attacked
by a frog disguised as a kitten
i wouldn t be able to help him

p s master tells me that fragrant mushroom
is a better translation of het hom
and that it s the thai name for shitake
but het hom will always be smelly mushroom to me