Whisky Writes

it was the one year anniversary
of my coming to live
with master
so i decided
i wanted to celebrate
and make master happy
i decided i d make him
a really special piece of art
i couldn t find any blue paper
but i did see some lovely grey paper
there was a problem though
the paper was rather stuck to the wall
still with a bit of perseverance
i was able to get it off

Ripped wallpaper

nothing can deter a great artist like me

master really liked my work
in fact when he saw it
he cried out
oh my god
i m just that good

Whisky art in grey

master can be a little insensitive at times
if i hear him say
one more time
just how beautiful pocky is
and just how soft her fur
i think i ll bark


pocky is one of the neighbour s
siberian huskies
they have two
along with a hushpuppy dog

she s an absolute whore
for whiskytreats
every time master goes outside
she comes to the fence
hoping master will give her
one of my treats
this makes me quite irate

master says i have jealousy issues
but they re called whiskytreats
for a good reason
not pockytreats

when she comes to the fence
i now try to nip her nose

and what sort of a name is pocky
fancy being named after
a japanese crunchy stick
dipped in chocolate
that s not a proper dog s name
far better to be like me
and named after the scots god




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  1. […] arch enemy of course is pocky the whore for whiskytreats though i do feel a bit sorry for her she s younger than me and seems […]

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