Flood Preparations (I)

As the flood waters begin to cover northern Bangkok I’ve been busy trying as best I can to protect my possessions.

The first point of entry for the water is likely to be through the shower room drain and downstairs toilet.

The toilet has been sandbagged and weighted down.

Sandbagged toilet

A pipe has been sealed to the shower drain to contain the rising water.

Sealed, piped shower drain

The outside of the house has been sealed with silicone and polycarbonate boards plus copious quantities of duct tape.

Patio doors sealed

And the sitting room air-conditioner has been wrapped with multiple layers of clingfilm and newspaper – not to keep it dry (that’s not possible), but to limit the amount of dirt that might get into its inner workings.

Wrapped air-con

Inside things have been lifted up. (Those things don’t include my spirits.)

The washing machine (formerly outside) is now on the kitchen counter. So convenient, not having to bend down to load it any more.

Washing machine on kitchen counter

Rather less conveniently, the fridge is now propped up on a couple of dining chairs.

Propped up fridge

And the dining table is out of commission for a while, and the dining room cabinets form a precarious tower.

Stacked furniture

I don’t know what the future holds. Will I have to flee in the face of advancing waters, abandoning my home to the flood? Will the waters come too fast and I’ll be trapped upstairs living on dry dried noodles and tinned fruit? Or will I be fortunate and the waters pass me by? Who knows? (And if the government does, they’re keeping schtum.)



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