Burmese Democracy

Of course, it’s an oxymoron: there’s no such thing as Burmese democracy. The elections have come and gone and the same brutish military families hold the reigns of power. Nothing will change. There will be no justice for the people of Burma.

I was reminded of an article written back in 1996 by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi commenting on Burma’s kangaroo courts, which ignore the law and simply implement the will of the junta:

“The sight of kangaroos bounding away across an open prairie can sometimes be rather beautiful. The spectacle of the process of law bounding away from accepted norms of justice is very ugly at all times.”



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  1. Andrey on

    There’s no such thing as democracy =) In any country. At all. Burma’s elections sponsored by military people, while ‘high-developed countries’ elections sponsored by bankers.

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