Spiderman Lives

There’s been a rather heart-warming story in the press today: an 8-year-old autistic boy had his first day of class at a new school, but was scared and climbed out onto a third floor balcony. He resisted the imprecations of his teachers and mother to come back inside. Everyone feared he might fall. The fire brigade was called, but to no avail until his mother mentioned that he loved Spiderman. Fireman Sonchai Yoosabaito knew exactly what to do: he rushed back to the fire-station and picked up his Spiderman costume, which he put on. The young lad came running into his arms beaming and so he was safe. A happy ending.

(Contrary to popular opinion, a Spiderman costume is not a normal part of fireman uniform in Thailand. This fireman, however, used it to liven up presentations to school children. He also had an Ultraman costume [an Asian superhero]. I guess it’s just as well the child wasn’t a devotee of Batman or Superman, or the outcome could have been somewhat different.)



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