Lak Meuang

Each city in Thailand has a guardian spirit which lives in a pillar known as the “lak meuang”. Somewhat surprisingly, this isn’t an ancient tradition. The first lak meuang was erected by King Rama I in 1782 when he moved the Thai capital from Thonburi across the river to Bangkok. The shrine built to house Bangkok’s lak meuang was in fact the first building erected in the new capital.

Nan’s lak meuang is an impressive affair, decorated with gold leaf and topped with the four faces of the Hindu creator deity, Brahma (known in Thailand as Phra Phrom).

Nan's lak meuang

It’s housed in a fancy silvery-white pavilion.

Nan's lak meuang pavilion

And is guarded by scary demons emerging from the mouths of nagas.

Guardian of Nan's lak meuang



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